Today’s Message

Ah, Beloved,

When the tender Voice of Divine Love within your heart urges you, once in a while, to offer up an ungodly, ungood habit to Spirit to be healed, or released, or gently reminds you to pray for instructions about correcting a small ailment, or learning a needed skill, there is generally a need for an eventual full focus on it, or surrendering of it, but there is no hurry. God will not nag you continually. God will just offer to help when the error crosses your mind.

But if you hear the “small, still Voice” seem suddenly louder, or repeat in your thoughts over and over and over, then try to obey immediately. Sometimes this is for your own welfare or guidance to an opportunity. You may feel the urge to drive a different road, or hear a name in your mind, again and again, to call. You may feel a restlessness about finding and bringing along with you a particular item before you go on an outing.

Frequently, when Loving Spirit wants to use you as an instrument to help another, you will feel a strong impulse to contact someone, or to give someone something, or to call upon the individual. Obey, obey, obey when those urges of Grace occur, Beloved, for of such are the moments of serendipity and salvation made, that helps all flow along in the Harmony of Divine Mind.

Sometimes you are the giver, sometimes the receiver, as all progress together in Oneness.