Today’s Message

Ah, Beloved,

Do not mistake the simplicity of God’s message to you.

It is simply this: “My Peace and Serenity and Love are ever-available to you.”

Also, do not mistake this to mean what the world calls death. It is indeed the death of an old way of thinking, but stepping back into the Maker’s House is an attitude, a renewed way of thinking, an openness to seeing Love and Heaven in everything around you.

It is indeed true that when you cease to judge, you begin. You realize that you choose just for yourself, to turn back to Love, and out of the pigsty of empty lusts or criticisms or rules, and just allow yourself to be Loved by God.

Faith, that willingness to receive Love, is also extended to you from the Loving Divine Source. It has complete Faith in you. It wants to receive your Love. Are you ready to offer it?

We offer you a surplus of Love continually,