Today’s Message

Ah, Beloved,

Even as a child will sometimes tell a lie more easily to his mother, whom he knows will love him anyway, than to a new friend, so will the adult human lie to its own Divine Self. The mother does continue to love, and to forgive, but she also expects the child to mature, and stop the lies, if she makes known her expectations of truth.

So also with the Divine, Beloved. The One Spirit, of whom you are a dancing image, knows when your human thoughts are lies. It Loves and forgives, but It does expect you to grow and mature into a fully aligned-with-the-Divine individualization of Spirit.

All around you are examples of holiness, and within you is the voice of the Divine Teacher Extraordinaire. Follow, them, O’ Beloved, and allow the world thoughts that you entertain to fall away, as you grow, and are honed to the perfect image.

Each being is already the perfect image in the Mind of the Divine.