Today’s Message

Ah, Beloved,

We cannot say too many times, that when you are acting from the direction of One Spirit’s Voice within you, you will be able to tell by the fruits. You will feel a lifting of the burden on your shoulders, you will feel an unwilling of peace in your heart. You will feel a calm joy that seems to feed you all day, and a sense of trust in each future unknown moment.

If the directions you have obeyed involved action or commitment of some kind, you will soon begin to see the results, in the flow of ideas, or the abundance that comes, or the new people who flow forward with their helping hands, or the perfect place to enact the instructions. When you see these fruits, or similar ones, you will know that the Divine Flow is smooth through you.

Then, let no person or earthly or bodily thing put you asunder from the finishing of those instructions. Keep checking in with the Divine Harmony each day to see if any modifying words come, but let no person convince you “that is impossible”, and let not your body tell you lies about being too tired or too sick to do the Will of God.

If the Divine has asked you to do something, then it is not impossible for you. Trust to the Divine as your Source of good means and ways, and strength and knowledge and resource, and move ahead and obey.