Today’s Message

Ah, Beloved,

“Where the treasure is, there the heart is...”

Where what is precious to you is placed, there your belief is.

Is time precious to you? To whom or what do you give your time?

Are you truly putting your time to what you choose to believe in, or are you putting your time to the old habits and dictates of the world?

If you are trying to heal, or hoping for solution or manifestation of worldly circumstances, is your time spent with the Divine, or is your time spent with “experts” of the material realm? Whose power do you truly believe in? The ways of the world, or that All things are possible in the Divine?

Chart you time for a day, for a week, or even for an hour. How much of that time that is so precious to you do you offer to communing with the Holy, and how much time do you spend listening to or believing in the ability of the human mind to solve things without the help of Divine Truth?