Today’s Message

Ah, Dear One,

There is a time that comes to review your own honesty with yourself. If you are enduring a time that seems dry or lifeless, or a series of worldly challenges, take a day of silence to review whether your heart is in accord with your thoughts and your soul.

Speak directly to the Divine, or to your spiritual director, if you have one, or to a friend whose spiritual maturity you recognize, and ask, are there lies in your life? Lies can take the form of exaggerations in conversation, or your word not being kept, or actual falsehoods spoken. But they can also take the form of your words and actions not being in harmony with your heart, or with the Divine whispers you have been hearing lately in your meditations. Lies can take the form of silence—the appreciating and loving words that you have not been speaking, and that are needed to oil your relationships and your work and your praise time.

Examine, and ask for Divine honor and strength to help yourself make the needed adjustments or amends or changes, and try, O’ try, Beloved, to make such review times a daily or weekly thing. For when you are in accord with your destined desires, and they are in accord with your words, and actions and thoughts and worship, then, Beloved, you are truly in the flow of Love, and the flow of Love is the flow of Life.