About the Angels

We use the name “Angels” because it approximates the understanding and concept that many people hold of what We are. We are the fine Thoughts of God, moving around within the misty error-dream of human perception, adjusting and revealing and helping to show the wondrous ideas of God that are all real spiritual Beings of Light and elements of Life. Sometimes just a few minutes of praying, or meditative realization, is enough to awaken you to Angel Thoughts.

Bless you. Remember that you dwell in Love, that the true substance of you is Harmony of Spirit. Pray “I am the substance of the Joy of God.” We are all Blessed to know our Blessings, if we but look to them with the eyes of Good Spirit. And the greatest Blessing is to know only God is Real, and put all our trust in That. The revelation of All Good is possible to God. Bless you for being the Good you, One with Soul, ready to be perceived and appreciated and to Love and Be Love and be Beloved. Show forth the Angel of your Self today, and look for the Angels of others. Look, Look, Look, dear one, with expectation of the Divine, and you will See.

The Conduit

Maija Ingrida Meijers, the conduit for these messages, passed away on 4/21/21. Before she left this world, Maija posted a new message on most days for twenty years. Each day, this site will present a message chosen from this rich archive, a different one each day. We hope that the Angel messages bring you a measure of peace and comfort.