Key Messages

The following are some of the messages which express the overall viewpoint of the Angels and suggest some simple meditation exercises. These messages are excerpts from Volumes I, II, and III of the collection. The Angels hope you find them helpful.

  • O Dear One,

    Whether you finish all the plans that you made for learning and sharing in this life or not, you are unconditionally loved. Whether you do your exploring and giving in half-hearted form or whether you do it with total grace, you are unconditionally loved by the Whole of which you are a part.

    Nothing you do can separate you from that Whole. Nothing you do can change the unconditional love that embraces you within the Whole. Only your own individual soul will be disappointed if it does not take this chance to fully love, fully learn, fully develop and fully open and give. It is your choice, it is free will, and it has been given to you in unconditional love.

    Always hoping you choose Joy,


  • Dear One,

    If fear begins to touch you, reach for its opposite. If fear begins to motivate you, reassess the direction you are going. If a person that you are standing near, or talking to, begins to frighten you, reach out with a compliment, or speak your gratitude that the other is here upon earth, brave enough to come and be a living part of Oneness.

    If fear is grabbing your belly, remind yourself that the other person and yourself are both part of the same infinite organism, here to share and learn and teach and experience.

    If fear begins to find you, know that you are very close to also finding true courage and true faith. In the divine balance of oneness, where one emotion exists, another that is its opposite also exists as a possibility for you to go to. Note your emotions. Be aware of how you feel, and if you are feeling an emotion that you do not want, choose to go to its opposite with a thought, or with a word, or with a joke, or with an image, or with an action.

    You have more control over your own feelings and those of the people around you than you may think. Remind yourself that other possibilities in the grid of Life exist. Give yourself the gift of choosing the ones you want, and go there.

    Trusting you to remember love and all its cousins,


  • Dear One,

    Emotions exist in clusters or swarms like bees or ants. If one bee is present, the others are nearby. If one ant is gracing your picnic, the others are soon to follow.

    If you feel angry at something that you see in the morning newspaper, that anger will sniff out other things in your life to be angry about. It will also call to its swarm-mates and they will hover nearby to see if there is something for them to nibble at. Jealousy, and regret, and blame, and despair will crowd around to see what your anger is feeding on. Is there something there that they can eat too? Can they dig down deep into you and find something from the past that can be brought into the heat of the moment so it can swell and grow and provide enough for them all to eat? They are so hungry, the members of this swarm of negative emotions.

    Luckily for you, positive emotions exist in groups as well. When that first bee of anger comes buzzing around, or that first ant of despair, see what positive bee you can call from the positive hive. You may not be able to think of a single positive thing about that news report that set off your anger, but if you can think about the cat that you love, or look at your hand and feel so grateful that it works, then that little bee of love or bee of gratitude will call to its hive-mates to come to where there is something delectable. Honor, forgiveness, optimism, humor and enthusiasm may come flying over to be with you, as you sit and think about the small blessing of your hand and the sweet cup of tea that it holds. Focus on that bee of being grateful, and let the other emotions that live with it come to your open heart.

    If you call in that bug of joy when one bug of fear appears, or even if you call it in when the whole swarm of fears is around you, it opens the door for the rest of the joys to come. When that group of positive emotions is with you, they can also attract solutions and thoughts and actions that can help you cope with, or solve, or try to help with, or to release whatever triggered the bug of fear in the first place.

    Of course there are feelings like power, and like pride, that dwell in both hives. You can always identify which hive they are from by the other emotions that are around them. Be proud of the pride that comes with forgiveness, be welcoming of the power of love. Welcome all the joyous bees that would happily be beeside you, helping you be your Best Self.

    Your Fond Beekeepers,


  • Dear One,

    You can buy a thousand books on meditation. You can attend a hundred workshops on manifestation and happiness. You can consult with a therapist, a doctor, a feng shui advisor, a friend, a magic circle, or a porcupine. After some initial helpful tips or facts about techniques, none of these things or people can help you if you do not help yourself. None of these things can substitute for simply sitting down each day for a few minutes, and breathing, and feeling your connection to your soul and the Greater Energy that it is a part of.

    You may use fancy music, or a favorite book, or a series of exercises if they help you focus, but mostly, you must just spend that time in your Inner Self. There is no substitute for that, because you are uniquely you. No one else can do it for you. There is no pill that can give you instant enlightenment and happiness. There is no guru or priestess that can transmute you instantly…Your discovery of your inner peace and your joy may only take a moment, but it must come from inside yourself and your connection to your Infinite Soul. It may take a moment or it may take weeks or years.

    Usually, spending twenty minutes a day feeling the unconditional love in your soul will result in positive changes in your life, in your health, in your happiness, within two weeks. Arise twenty minutes earlier, or take ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes locked in the bathroom at lunchtime. Twenty minutes is not so hard to find for such a great gift to yourself. You are worth that gift.

    Yes, certain prayers, or rituals, or hymns, or singing bowls may help you to focus on your Inner Self, if they resonate with your personality and your culture. If one seems to assist, choose it and use it. Do not keep searching for new tricks and new teachers. Lifetimes can be lost in just searching. Just pick one, and use it. Use it until you realize that you do not need any special costume, or ritual, or bell, or name, or gimmick, or workshop, or time of day, to simply connect you to your own Divine Self. The ability to center yourself in your own inner perfection will give you the freedom of having an inner peace that you may bring forth into any situation, at any time, with no special accessories.

    Be patient with yourself, it is All inside you, just waiting to come out.

    We love seeing you peaceful and free,


  • O’ Beloved,

    Seek not the small prizes and titles of men. Seek not the fame and the flurry for its own sake. Seek the approval of your own beating heart, and seek the smile of the Divine.

    Seek the kiss of serenity.

    Find the fulfillment of your own rich gift. Find the joy of giving. Find the understanding that comes as you love, and find, in that, the reason for living.

    Bathe in the joy that surrendering brings. Bathe in the light of letting go. All of your other selves and morrows will be plenty enough to catch what you surrender here.

    Just be exactly who you are.

    We love who you are,


  • Dear Beloved,

    Endlessly, we watch you. We watch you with love, hoping for a chance to help you achieve the Best Self that you have come here to be. We honor your plan, and we honor your right to choose what to enact and what to do, so we need your permission to help that plan be enacted.

    You are living your plan. We do not ask you to turn over the living of it to anyone but yourself. We just ask that you give the divine Infinite a chance to provide the loving resources that you need to enact that Dream, that you keep in your heart. We just ask that we be allowed to help distribute your gift when you decide that your gift is ready to be shared.

    You brought that gift, whatever yours is, with you when you came to this life. We ask you to feel the truth, that your gift wants to be explored and shared. Believe this, that we would love to help bring that about, guided by your own love of your gift and your own will that it be so.

    You have already begun it by coming here to this life. All of our love and all of the abundance of the Universe stand ready to back you up. Call out to the Universe in a voice of love, knowing that a loving voice is the voice it hears, and answers. Call out in a feeling of full faith that the Universe supports you.

    Endlessly, we listen. When you say, “Yes”, we act. To doubt yourself and your gifts, and your ability to contribute them to the world is to say, “Maybe”. Do not doubt yourself and your gifts. Instead, trust and say, “Yes”, and let a new world of possibilities open up before you.

    We are lovingly listening,


  • Dear One,

    Remember that everything that you do is another chance to express love. How you feel about the actions you have taken, and are taking, is often more important than the action itself. The feeling of having helped, the feeling of having chosen the more loving response, the feeling of having drawn on compassion instead of rage—these are the things you are constantly testing yourself on.

    Do you feel good about how you have treated those that have mistreated you? That is the first lesson. That first lesson becomes inextricably mixed with the second lesson—that the Other is Self. How does the Other feel about how you have treated him or her? Society’s laws about revenge and judgement and payment are not the same as those of Spirit. Whatever you have done to another, you have done to yourself.

    The “Why has this happened to me?” becomes irrelevant as you focus on, instead, “How do I, as a loving, forgiving, compassionate being, respond to this person and this situation?” You need to respond in a way that feels good to you, that does not rob you of your feeling of being serene in your own divine soul. As your consciousness embraces the knowledge and the awareness that the Other is Self, then how you feel about how you respond will evolve. What will feel good to you in how you respond, will come to include ever more love and empathy and kindness and compassion—it will begin to truly come from the knowledge of the soul that All is One.

    If you have taken an action that makes you cringe now, each time that you think about it, is there something that you can do to give yourself the feeling that you have made amends? Can you write an apology, replace an item, give of your time and effort? Can you put yourself in a state of mind where you feel that you have done all that is possible to rectify the situation? Can you then forgive yourself, and move on?

    If another has given you feelings of betrayal and pain, do you jail yourself with resentment, and trap yourself in obsession about revenge? How many moments of joy have you robbed yourself of because you are focused on those feelings of pain? Can you forgive the person, and move on? Can you give yourself the gift of shifting your focus to beauty and kindness and growth and possibility?

    When you are feeling caught inside blame and judgement and revenge, when you want to forgive, but you feel unable to do so, where do you turn? In every religion, in every belief system, there are intermediaries that represent the Best of You and the Best of Everybody. These angelic and saintly beings, these higher souls, by whatever name and in whatever culture’s costume, have their hands open to take your anger and do your forgiving for you and with you. Ask for their help. They can help remind you of all that is good about life and soul. They can take your anger and let you see that as vast as your rage can be, joy can fill the same space in you.

    Let the rage melt away and welcome the joy of choosing to live in moments of unconditional love.

    We rejoice when you live in joy,


  • O’ Beloved One,

    Positivism. Take it on as a belief that can merge with whatever religion or creed is working for you now. To believe above all that the One universe of which we are a part, by whatever name you choose to call that Oneness, is a positive force that supports harmony, love, and abundance.

    Believe that since you are a part of Oneness, you too can partake of that harmony, and love, and abundance. It is true, for it is within you to focus on positive thoughts, and the joy that fuels those thoughts, to make them a part of your experience in this life. Think positively, speak positively, feel positive that you are meant to create and partake in this existence in a way that is in harmony with the loving nature of Oneness.

    Positivism. Practice it for the next hour, for yourself, as you go about your day. Set aside all un-positive thoughts and feelings as they come your way. Set aside, for this hour, the urge to watch or listen to any un-positive news or stories. Set the mood of your hour to positive and keep it there.

    If you wish to focus on a thought for that hour, let it be a positive dream you have, or let it be a healing thought for someone that you know. Keep it positive. If negative thoughts intrude, tell yourself you will set them aside for now. Then, bring in that positive dream again.

    Positivism for an hour. Perhaps positivism, then, for an afternoon or a night. Keep your thoughts and feelings positive for a full day or a full week, just to give it a chance. Be your own judge of this experiment.

    How do you feel, and what is happening in your life, after embracing this attitude for a day or a week? Remember that the positive nature of the Divine Oneness is your foundation and your Source. Reach to that Source, if your own barrel of Positive Attitude runs low—the One Source is always full.

    You are a living part of that positively loving Oneness.

    Great Love to you always,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Your beautiful, individual, divine Awareness stands in one moment of time that is at the entrance to a great Maze of little squares of time. Each possibility before you is its own square of time. Each square of time that you choose to move to has before it a whole new maze of possibilities.

    The Victorians in their complex garden hedge mazes would sometimes use a string to help guide them along the best way through the maze. What is the string that your Awareness can use to take you through the maze of time moments, in the way that is your best possible destiny?

    Ah, Beloved, follow the string of your Bliss—the leap to the next square of time should be the one which you choose based on the serene joy it gives you. Each and every moment that exists as a frozen square of time has within it also the choice of which square you will next move your awareness to. Choose well. Choose deliberately, rather than through habit or in fear.

    Believe us when we tell you that within the Maze of time-moment-squares before you is always a possible pathway of joy, if only you will choose it. The feeling of that joy, that bliss, is the clue and the string to follow.

    The joy we are speaking of goes deeper than a moment’s sensual pleasure. Pleasure in the touch and taste of the world around you can be a part of that joy, but true Bliss is the feeling that makes your soul feel that it is expanding inside of you. It is the feeling that makes you feel more full of compassion and unconditional love for everyone and everything around you. That is the feeling to follow.

    Imagine yourself standing in a square of time where that feeling of Bliss fills you. Imagine it and, ah, feel it in your heart and Let it be so.

    You may not be able to imagine all the squares of time that you will step through to reach that square of full Bliss, but keep focused on the Bliss and do not worry about the intervening details and turnings. Be as a blind man, who keeps moving towards the sweet smell of something, even though he cannot see each step that takes him there. Let the Universe take care of setting each square before you as you follow that string, that smell, of Bliss.

    Waiting for you at the end of the maze,



  • O’ Darling Ones,

    We are pleased to tell you that Gratitude is a force. It is a force as real as (or more real than) gravity, or any of your physical laws. It is a force that you may use at any time, in any place, in any situation. Feel it, say it, send it, be immersed in it. Gratitudes, given or spoken, for just being alive, and in love with life, are powerful indeed. Gratitudes for specifics of your life, or of the world around you, can take you from a place of anger or boredom to a lovely place in your energy and the power of your soul. Just think them, speak them aloud, or hold them in your heart.

    We guarantee you that the more you feel and think and exude gratitude, the more you will have to be grateful for. It is as simple as that, for each individual and for all of us together in the Great Divine. Use the force of Gratitude and change your experience of life for the better.

    Grateful that you came to this life,


  • Dear One,

    To believe in joy is to believe in your own soul’s plan. The plan that you made to come here to life included great joy. Joy to feel as you experience life and as you share whatever gift is yours to share.

    Pick a thing of experience that gives you joy and hold it in your thoughts — the face of a loved one, the gentleness of gardening, the beauty of a sunset — whatever fills your heart with joy and with the sweetness of existence. Then, apply that joy to any struggle in your life. Let the joy fill you and let it overflow from your heart to bathe any worry you have. Immerse your thoughts, your worries, in that joy.

    Imagine joy as golden water. Let it flow over the anger, over the feeling of lack, over the sense of despair. Feel the power that joy has to wash these things from your heart in this moment, as you continue to hold your joyous experience in your thoughts. Have faith that the Universe wants everything within it to move towards Joy.

    Believe in yourself and believe in your joy, for your soul has made its plan for life, and the fuel for that perfect plan is joy. Let it be so, indeed.

    All blessings upon you,


  • Dearly Beloved,

    We see, and we know, how filled are all your moments with the tasks and obligations that you have taken on. We just wish to remind you that if you would only take a few moments, twice a day, to do the following, your serenity will increase.

    1. Sit quietly and take three very deep and slow breaths into your belly and out again.

    2. Ask for your own Divine Spirit to be with you. Or, ask for whatever loving Divine forces that you love and believe in, by whatever name, to be with you.

    3. Send energy out. Imagine a beam of light, that is hope and compassion, moving from you to someone else, somewhere. The someone that you are sending energy to can be a family member, or a friend, or a stranger, or a group of strangers. If you find that thinking of a family member, or a lover, or friend brings up thoughts and emotions that interfere with your concentration, then think of strangers for now. Later, when you are more practiced at sending hope and forgiveness, you can send those feelings to people you are directly involved with. Send that beam of hope and light for just a minute or two to that unknown child across the world or next door, that is hungry or sad. Or send them to the people of a war-torn country that you wish you could comfort.

    4. After you have sent energy outward, breathe again. Then ask your Spirit and its Infinite Source, to fill you with that Light that is hope and unconditional love. Concentrate on feeling yourself filled with that Loving Light for at least a full minute—or as long as you can concentrate on the feeling of that beam of Light filling you.

    5. Breathe deeply and exhale slowly, feeling that Light that fills you. Picture a joyous thing as you feel that Light and as you breathe. Picture yourself laughing and feeling complete. Feel how that laughter would feel, moving up out of your belly and through your body and out into the air and light of the world.

    6. As the feeling of your own laughter and joy fills you, count your blessings. Count just a few or count them all, for as long as you can hold your concentration. Feel and savor a few of the blessings that are yours in this life.

    7. Open your eyes and look to your day with a joyous knowing that you are connected, by Love, to so much and to so many. Feel grateful to be alive, and honored to have choices.

    Give yourself this gift. It will change your life for the better.

    Ahhh, We love seeing you in joy,


  • Dear Beloved,

    You have come to this life with a special gift. No child is born without one. Each gift that comes to earth within someone is an essential thread of the great divine tapestry and each thread forms a part of the greater purpose. Your purpose is to find your gift and to share it. Whether that gift is to make others laugh, or to help yourself or others heal, or to create beauty, or to teach, or to simply be in one place at a certain time to say one word and change a life, your gift will seek to make itself known.

    Listen to the urges of your own soul if it wishes to see a certain place or if it longs for a certain landscape. Feel the joy that comes from certain activities, certain learning, or certain accomplishments. The joy is a clue about the gift you have come to share, and sharing the gift will bring the gift, and the joy of it, forth all the more strongly. All of the other experiences of life that bring happiness and sorrow can surround and enfold your gift. They can add to the sum of your life, but the sharing of your gift is crucial for your soul to feel expanded, connected and enriched.

    Find it and share it, and know that all else in your life will adapt to that flow. Your gift is not necessarily your career or your title—it is just a sharing of a part of the essence that is you. And that sharing creates Joy. That Joy can fuel your gift even more, and fuel anything else that you dream to do.

    All blessings,


  • Ah, Dear One,

    God already knows what you need. God knows it better than you do.

    Let yourself go forth into each hour with the prayer that the Infinite give you what It has planned for you. Practice, each hour, letting go of the desires that have only come from your fevered and mesmerized mind, and letting God’s desires flow through you instead.

    Be adult to yourself, when worldly desires come forth. Be the adult that has seen a child whine and beg for a certain toy that he saw advertised or that he saw on a friend’s shelf. Be the adult that has seen the toy cause only more tears when the child found that it was not the magical road to happiness that it seemed to be on T.V.

    God knows the needs of your Best Self, and is very pleased to provide them, if you would but set aside the false needs that fill your heart, and be the open heart that waits to be filled with God.

    Empty cups do not panic and try to fill themselves,



  • Ah, Beloved,

    Each morning and evening, and anytime during the day that you must make an important decision, or when you feel stressed or confused, take these two simple steps:

    1. Remind yourself that the only real power is God, and God created only good and wants only good. Feel the gentle peace deep in your heart that is the pulse of God, while you think about that Grace and Fullness of God. Think about the Love and the Omniscience that are God.

    2. Stop thinking, but continue to feel the deep peace of God, while you become very still, and listen. Listen, listen, listen in a relaxed and quiet way. You are not striving to hear a particular thing. The Divine Inner Spirit may just give you a few moments of Loving Silence, which refreshes and calms you for the next phase of your day. Or, that Gracious Spirit may whisper a word or a name that gives you a new idea to solve a problem. Or, you may feel an urge to try a certain thing or call a certain person, or to go to a certain place, even if it is just to buy the groceries. Spirit may just suffuse you with a feeling that “All is Well, All is Well.” Just be still, and listen. Listen.

    Be the rabbit, inside, with ears huge. God is in there, in you, somewhere. Just Listen. Listen for that Divine breath, and footstep. Listen for that whisper, and above all, feel the Love that pours into your heart and mind, when you are still, and allow It. It will guide your every step of this earth journey, if you but be still, and listen, and allow.