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  • Ah, Beloved,

    Order does not create Love. Love creates order.

    Orderliness, as a part of Harmony, as part of the very nature of what Love is, in Its Omnipresence and Omnipotence, and Omniscience. But the Divine orderliness is of a scope and scale that is much greater than human understanding.

    So do not mistake “cleaning and sorting” for prayer. You can pray while you are cleaning, by pondering and being joyful about the desire of God’s for the full awakening and happiness of all the individuals of Soul, but do not clean instead of taking time to pray.

    To pray, basically delighting in the Loving nature of God, can be done while doing everything else. Practice it, and you will see.

    Delighted to help you sort things out. Ask Our Help,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    This day, (and ALL days), relax into the Loving Presence of the Source, and keep in your thoughts, “High Guidance of Light and Life, open my eyes and let me see with Your Sight.”

    For if you do, and are humble enough to receive, you will see only Good, for that is what your Divine Parent Sees. Let go of that old saying, “God helps those who help themselves first.” That only truly works if you turn to God FIRST, and let go of your own human plans to make a thing happen. Turn to God and be willing to let God’s way of your happiness happen. Listen, and obey when you are told to speak or act, but let God’s way happen, with gratitude.

    Relax into those Loving Arms and Thoughts, Beloved,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    When something feels out of sorts, whether spiritually, or financially, or physically, or morally, and you cannot seem to see the solution, there is Something that can help you see the way. Turn to that Principal that is Harmony, turn to the Truth that God wants your happiness, and ask to be shown or told the way to reach that Harmony of Being that is natural and right and Goof for all.

    Like a student who recognizes that the math equation on the board is too complex for him to solve, or perhaps too familiar for him to see the same simple error that he is making over and over again, there are times when only calling upon the Master Teacher will solve the problem. Be not afraid to call upon the Teacher, child. Be not too proud to call upon the Teacher. Be not thinking that the Teacher does not want to help you, or that you do not deserve the help.

    The Teacher of smooth Love and Life wants to Help you. The Teacher wants you to learn how to stop making the same errors and how to learn the principles of the more advanced ways. When you cannot simply and quickly solve the problem, ask for the Loving Master Teacher to show you the way—to point out the errors, to remind you of the true principles, to give you the skills and strengths and insights that will lead you to the proper answers and joy and relief.

    Turn to the Teacher, today, dear child, for Harmonious adjustment and the right solutions are the very way the Cosmos was formed, and continues.

    Let the burden lift from your heart and shoulders and rest in your trust of God. Open to receiving the Help, and listen quietly and stay alert to the answers that show themselves.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Even after you realize that you want the Peace and Perception of the Divine more than you want anything of the worldly, there will be worldly things that still seem attractive or necessary. Be gentle and forgiving with your own heart and its desires, and just continue to work on discerning and trusting the Divine Voice within. It will guide you to your purpose as communicator of Unconditional Love, but It will also guide you to all that is needed for your earthly costume, and to the Joy and sense of Purpose that beholds each morning with gratitude and enthusiasm.

    Surrender to that Voice, and Its Presence, and trust, trust, trust, Beloved, that the combination of living in the world, but not of it, can indeed be lived, so long as it is your part to be in the Play. Many have done it, and so can you.

    As loving as ever,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    The fine balance that must be maintained between rebuking the lies that would come at you from the world, and welcoming the loving truths of One Mind, creates a narrow path indeed in your thought life. Constant is the focus and attention that must be paid to keep ones mind and speech and actions on that way to the Infinite realm.

    Yet, it is worth the weary work, Beloved. It is worth it, we assure you, for falling in to the seeking and reaction of the physical realm will only lead to decay and death, whilst opening to the vistas of the Blissful and unlimited realm of Unconditional Love and Harmony will make each step easier. Each time you have even a tiny glimpse of that Divine Vision, you will find that it gives you strength for the next step, and the next, and the next, until it is truly simple to laugh at the childish lies the world would present to you as truths, and you know the Divinity your heart is really made of.

    We walk with you, let us light your path, with laughter and rejoicing, when it grows dim,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Just as in the days of human affairs, there are those days to just sit back and let others love you and assist you, so let it be with Me, my love.

    Sit back of your own thoughts today, dear one, and let Me Love you.

    Just let Me Love you.

    Spirit of God

  • Ah, Beloved,

    Like a lover who yearns and waits for the hour that he will spend with his beloved at the end of the day, thinking of her and looking forward to that alone time, even while he completes his work and tasks of the day, look forward to your time alone with God, holding that thought close to your heart all day.

    God is the God of Gladness and Goodness, and will share that wine of Joyous Being with you any time you ask, throughout the day. But if the busy-ness of the day, or the demands of those in your life, keep you from focusing entirely on God until the end of the day, or in small consecrated moments, at least look forward to that dedicated time, and let the joy of anticipation give you strength and peace and love enough to carry you through the tasks of this time of service in the world of time.

    Drink deeply of God’s Gladness, and it will feed you completely,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    When the discernment of human thoughts comes, as gift of the Spirit, it is ever more important to stay true to the vows of Truth, so that knowledge may be used only to help Heal. That is part of why Healers must be so consecrated to the task of being Healing vehicles, so that there is no temptation for personal use or misuse of what is discerned through gifts of Spirit.

    Stay alert, stay silent and kind, and let the Great Physician do the Healing, through the time you give by holding open awareness—the door to the dreams of mind.

    If this message is for you, you understand,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    As We have urged you, and as you sometimes remember to practice, there is absolutely no situation in which some part of your heart, your feeling-mind, cannot be focusing on the truth of “I Love you so much, dear God.”

    Even while a relative might chatter at you about people you do not know, even while you ride the bus and notice all the signs and people, even while you wash the dishes or watch an entertainment, some level of your thoughts can be whispering, “I Love you so much, dear God.”

    God is constantly Loving you, constantly emanating you, so why not? And to allow yourself to stay rooted in that fertile Love is to be fed the food of Bliss all the day. And that Bliss fuels your ideas, your functions of body, your strength, and your wisdom and compassion. It feeds all those in a way that the worldly does not, and cannot. It feeds those in the way you so need.

    “We Love you so much, dear God”,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    The “observer effect” is true, within the earth dream. The more Goodness you choose to see, and expect to see, the more Goodness you will see. The more Goodness you let flow through you, the more Goodness you will receive in return.

    Practice this today, Beloved. Expect Goodness, and be free.

    In great Love,


  • Ah, Beloved, Beloved,

    The Joyous revelation of your own special inheritance is what you must wish for and believe in. You are a wonderful part of the Whole of Good. Yes, the reflection of that which you see in the mirror of earth often seems covered by mists of challenge or smudges of dirt, but you do have the ability, Spirit Given, to believe in the Goodness that just needs to be revealed.

    And so, ask to be helped to See It. Ask for your Goodness, fully deserved and already assigned. Ask not with unbelief, as though Goodness were far away and you do not really think you could possibly see any. Ask with the full understanding and knowledge and belief that Goodness is the very matrix that holds you, and wants you to feel the Life-blood of Joy and Peace of Mind.

    Ask for Goodness, Love. Ask for Goodness, and expect to See It and receive It.

    And then give It, as well,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    How sweetly do the Angels pray (align fully with God), and praise, and be grateful, for every soul that is re-awakened to God.

    Do the same, Beloved. Do the same.

    We know the ones whom you have been praying for, hoping they will feel the awakening touch of Spirit in their Hearts. We tell you that the more you pray and praise for ALL who have been awakened, the more wonderful energy of Love there will be present to help awaken your friends and loved ones and “enemies”, awakening all in All.


  • We are here to Awaken One Another

    For an instant of eternity, I remember

    I am a winged idea of the Mind of the All Divine.

    I am a winged idea flying freely,

    in, and as, substance of Harmony.

    Aligned with Those who never slept,

    for this moment,

    I fly in glorious Bliss.

    I see you.

    O”, old friend, O’ fellow idea,

    I see you seeming to be standing, wings folded alongside, inert,

    gazing into some distant nothingness,

    as though you were dreaming you were wingless again, and flesh,

    caught in the hazy reflection of Heaven as though it were your life.

    I hover behind you,

    and enfold you in my wings of thought,

    And call to the Mother-FatherAll That Is,

    and say, “Here is another one, dreaming she is on earth,

    dreaming she is limited somehow.”

    I whisper Love to you, and call again, in trust, to God,

    “Please awaken her, as You Will,

    Please remind her she is soul of your Soul, and Whole.”

    And I wait, holding the sweet idea of you,

    knowing that The Great Breath will gather,

    emanating the Power that It Is,

    and will Touch you as It sees best,

    so that quickly, or gently and slowly,

    you will remember,

    “I am a winged idea in the Mind of God,

    living and moving and having my being There,

    and All, All, is Well.”

    And when I have heard It breathe Word to you, and felt It Look to you,

    Steadfastly Being All It Is,

    I am free to fly again,

    idea that I am.

    Swooping, I am the lines of a swallow filled with Joy,

    Wheeling, I am substance without form, with no bond but Love,

    knowing all is Peace and Endless Love,

    in the Source which is ever and always the same.

    God IS “on the job”,



  • Ah, Beloved,

    Peaceful in your heart. A weight-lifted-off-my-shoulders type of feeling.

    These are signals that your prayers have been heard and enacted in the way that is truly Blessed and Best for you.

    Take Joy in the sense of Peace, and mark the feeling of having given your burdens to the Force of Love that knows how to carry them away from your perceptions, and show you instead the Gladness of Being.

    Continue to begin your days with the meditations and prayer that bring this Peace sublime to your heart, and before you know it you will feel as though you have a whole new life.

    This is the Truth of Life and Love. Learning it is the goal of human growth, and we applaud each moment that you know the good of it. Keep your eyes and thoughts on this goal, dear one, and remember We walk beside you.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    The urgency is only for your own Joy. Why wait to feel better about the world and about yourself and about all whom you care about?

    From outside the loop of time, God knows that all is already joined and error overcome. God knows that the Oneness never ended at all and that Love had and has no demise. It is only human consciousness that needs to remember this and awaken. You do not need human death to awaken to Joy. Here and now, right where you are, you can come to understand and know Joy.

    Joy is already delighted to know you. Take the Hand of unending Love, give It permission, and get acquainted with Joy in all seemingly outer circumstances.

    Absolutely Joyous to Help.

    “HELP!” is a prayer, you know. Ask, and listen, and feel Our Love,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    The Universe is purring with contentment. Listen, and let yourself hear It, and let yourself be comforted.

    Listen, and hear Its quiet Joy, and let yourself feel Joy as well.

    Just as listening to a child laugh, and letting yourself catch that infectious laughter, can lighten your heart within moments, listen to the soft laugh of the Universe, and be Glad.

    Listen, and be glad for what you hear,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Trust Me. As you ask Me to show you the Good Life I have envisioned for you, with the greatest happiness for all, it is true that some things will fall away. Some interests will no longer seem right, some habits will cease their hold on you, some people will become closer or farther, some choices will seem more certain.

    Trust Me. I know that there are Joys and Peacefulness you do not know how to imagine. Just ask Me for the Best, and imagine the feeling of Peace, and allow it to unfold.

    This is the Way of True Life,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Never fear the consequences of sending forth silent Unconditional Love.

    There is absolutely no circumstance of the earthly experience that cannot be improved in some way by focusing on every thing and every person as another idea occupying, and being Loved by, the same One Mind that holds you. Remember that it is the Essence of that person that you are sending Love to, and doing so in no way means that you are approving of some sad or heinous behavior that he or she is displaying on s bodily level.

    It is just a recognition that the same Divine Love sees the Truth of all of you, and Loves you, and that gives you a common ground to share, and to truly feel that Love for yourself as real.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    You KNOW We are with you. If you can come to think of Us, your Divine Thoughts, as Someone that is in every conversation with you, and walking through every door with you, then you can train yourself to hold that door open for us, and to give us a chance to speak in your mind and through your tongue. You could grow accustomed to doing these things, just as you would politely include another human in a conversation, and hold open the door for him or her, so that they could join the group.

    We are with you. You are with us. We are all together in the Unity of Consciousness that is God. Will you begin to remember that, in every moment?


  • Ah, Beloved,

    No betrayal or earthly victory can change the purity of what the Source shines forth.

    Ask to see it today, in yourself and others and all circumstances, and let no illusions fool you or entice you or trap you today.


    For this is Loving yourself,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    “The Joy of Christos is my True Home.”

    Let that Truth work in your thoughts today, cleansing and sorting, like a woman would sort and pack all the objects of the house before moving to a new home.

    You may not understand, intellectually, yet, the Reality of dwelling within the Mind of God, but the intellectual understanding is not necessary for the calming and healing effect of the pure Joy of God to do Its work. Trust It, Beloved. Trust It.

    As ever,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Slow down, slow down, slow down, and beware habits.

    Slow down, and take great moments of time to listen to the Deep Heart of your Self.

    Is this old Joy still a Joy to you? Is this old wound still worth looking at? Slow down and take new life from this moment. Slow down and take new wisdom from God.

    Each day, each moment, can truly be a new canvas. The wisdom of God just waits to guide you. Let not habits, and hurry, dissuade you from doing what is right for your own salvation.

    We Love you so, and wait on your willingness for completeness,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    There is plenty of Spirit and Love for all.

    Short, small, big, tall, there is plenty of Love for all.

    When you feel your little child-self wondering what the world is coming to, or what your purpose or mission is, or whether you will have days wherein you feel complete and content, then let your Full Self speak to the tiny scared or confused self as you would speak to a child. Make up rhymes such as the one above, and remind your mind of the Mind that watches over, and cares for, all. Whether each individualized reflection of Soul is wearing a visible form, or no, that Mind Knows you, and Loves you, and Watches you, and Appreciates you, wherever and whenever you go.

    There is plenty of Love for all, and it can and will fuel your good dreams if you ask.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    There is no reason not to give yourself a day of fasting, as much as possible for you, from the five senses. Really, is there anything so pressing that you cannot spend long periods, today, closing your eyes and ears to the world, refraining from watching news and entertainment, and just keeping your thoughts open to the ONE Mind?

    Do what you can with this. Even a small number of times given today to the intent of letting your mind and body be instruments only of One Mind, Loving and Whole, will make a great difference in your growth of Peace and purpose.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    In the flesh, surrendering to the guidance of Divine Spirit will often be felt as a total relaxing, wherein you are not tensed and focused, trying overly hard to let God be with you, but instead just resting back into God as you would rest back into a very familiar and comfortable chair or bed.

    In the mind, your human surrender to the Will of the Divine may mean becoming wordless, letting go of any affirmations or prayers you are using to help you focus on your desire to know God, and relinquishing your “positive images”. By becoming very still and very silent, just letting Divine Spirit take charge, like a driver who finally admits he is to tired to drive alertly anymore, and lets someone else take the wheel, you are freed to be taken to your true, best destination.

    Practice, practice, practice, Beloved. Simple it is, but it does take practice,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    When you truly realize, from enough experiences, or by revelation of Spirit, or by witnessing the transformation of others, that Joy is Sourced from God, and does not come from any person, place or object outside yourself, then you have a new freedom.

    Within the very Soul-heart of you IS Joy, the blood and fuel and pulsing beat of God. Feel that as Truth, and you can feel Joy in every new circumstance and every confusing scene or thought.

    Make it a part of your routine to constantly thank God for the very existence of Joy, and then be grateful to ride Its waves through every day, and every expected and unexpected adventure of living Life, of expressing the expanding Love that IS God.

    Ask for Joy, unattached to exactly how It comes,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Before anything else, you were what God/Mind imagined you to be. You are a marvelous idea, held dearly and lovingly in God’s Consciousness, and that is what and where you remain. Just now you may imagine that you somehow got out of that Mind’s awareness and are living your own little life far away from God in a spaceship called a body, but we assure you it is impossible to exit God’s Mind. It thought of you, and still thinks of you, and the wholeness of you remains right here in that Omniscient Soul.

    True, you are having that little dream of “awayness”, but you can choose to awaken from any sorrowful dream, and remember you are being what you are in Soul. You can also partake of the Power of Soul that you are made of, and create a happier dream while yet you imagine a game of physical bodies and physical laws.

    O, do let God help you, Beloved. Do let us help you. Ask us to join in all decisions and learn how light-hearted can be the ones made jointly with the Divine, held in the Hands of Spirit.

    You do not need to intellectually understand these words to just say “YES” to Spirit,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    When you pray, trust in the Omnipotence of God to see what your short human sight cannot see. It is not a shameful surrender to turn to God and cast your cares to the One Divine Wisdom and Love. It is true freedom. It is wisdom to trust the Greater Wisdom.

    Just as you now turn to your worldly information devices to gather more data before you shop or travel or buy or choose or reach out, you can reach out, through your thoughts and feelings, to the Oneness of Being that includes you, and that Sees absolutely every connection and consequence and opportunity.

    The Divine Mind truly wants you to be able to enjoy your awakening time, as you move through the temporal experiences and realize the fullness of your Spiritual Being. Turn to It, trust It, Love It.

    It is very easy to Love, for It Loves you without conditions. Yes, It urges you to Love yourself and others, so that you can fully awaken to Love, but It does not stop Loving you in the moments you fail.

    Fill yourself with Love, reach out and give Love, and awaken to the fact that you are a part of Love Itself.

    What greater gift could you give yourself this season?


  • Ah, Child,

    Always, when confronted with one with whom you feel anger or bitterness, or a lingering resentment, you must look at it as an opportunity to practice love.

    “I am grateful to be given this chance to look beyond the costume and outer behavior of this person, and to see in her the same Spark of Spirit that lives in me, and around me, and in us all, and around us all.”

    There is no other way, Beloved. Yes, you could simply choose to not see that person, but then the Universe would simply send you the same lesson in a new disguise. The sooner faced, and loved, the sooner done, Beloved. The sooner done.

    We love you in your many disguises,

    Pass it on,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Make it fun, Child.

    When doubt, or discouragement, or just a feeling of being overwhelmed by obligations or promises or chores or duties, comes over you, make it fun to replace those human thoughts with Truthful thoughts of God:

    “I turn all this over to God, and see, with Glee, what wonderful things, today, happen for me.”

    PLAY with allowing the Joyful truths of the Maker to ring in your head, through humor, through art, through music, through beauty, through laughter, through the sharing of Joy with others.

    Play, today, PLAY!


  • Ah, Beloved,

    The aspect of God that is Pure Love may seem to the human heart to be comforting and nurturing, but not necessarily healing. But darling, God is also Truth and Harmonious Intelligence, and the Divine Mind always has been and always will be, available to correct erroneous human thought.

    If you are feeling ill or confused about who and what you are, invite the Mind that is God to correct your thought with True Thought, establishing in you a right identity as Beloved Perfect Child of God, and teaching you to claim, “I am Whole because God is Whole, and I and my God are One.”

    God’s Mercy is ACTIVE, fixing what seems to be broken,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    There is no need to doubt the journey, for, as ever, your spirit is safely and always a part of the Wondrous Source. When the end and the truth are already known, there is no need to fret at seeming delays or twists and turns.

    Keep your mind on that certain awakening, and remember that you are always ion touch with all the Holiness that greets each and every one. You are always in touch, like a passenger who keeps letting the loved ones at both ends know where he is, calling frequently on his mobile phone, so that all know he is on track, and on time, and completely and fully provided for, and assured of that by Those he calls.

    Keep calling out. We Love you,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    The worthiness of each goal that enters your mind can be measured by how much it helps you remember, and share, your own loveliness, and the loveliness of all. Be that. Share that. Shine that.

    As you know your own worth as a citizen of the One Loving Source, and you know your loving self and your loveliness and lovableness, you will enjoy seeing what a difference you can make with simple words and gentle glances, in a world where so many feel afraid and alone. As you fully realize your own status as citizen of the Loving Universe, you will be able to let all around you see that they are, too.

    Count those successes, and the worldly needs take care of themselves,

    As ever,ANGELS

  • Ah, Beloved,

    So soak yourself in the Love of God each morning when you awaken, that no amount of human error and sorrow can penetrate to the deep heart of you, and prevent you from doing what you need to do to act as an opening for Light into the worldly scene. Stay focused on being so Lit and fed from within by the Spirit of Love that you know just what to do, what to say, where to be, in the way that Love directs.

    The Spirit of Love is the Healer. Be Its vehicle, wherever you are.

    All you need to do is agree to let It shine through you, and know It is doing Its work.



  • Dear One,

    If fear begins to touch you, reach for its opposite. If fear begins to motivate you, reassess the direction you are going. If a person that you are standing near, or talking to, begins to frighten you, reach out with a compliment, or speak your gratitude that the other is here upon earth, brave enough to come and be a living part of Oneness.

    If fear is grabbing your belly, remind yourself that the other person and yourself are both part of the same infinite organism, here to share and learn and teach and experience.

    If fear begins to find you, know that you are very close to also finding true courage and true faith. In the divine balance of oneness, where one emotion exists, another that is its opposite also exists as a possibility for you to go to. Note your emotions. Be aware of how you feel, and if you are feeling an emotion that you do not want, choose to go to its opposite with a thought, or with a word, or with a joke, or with an image, or with an action.

    You have more control over your own feelings and those of the people around you than you may think. Remind yourself that other possibilities in the grid of Life exist. Give yourself the gift of choosing the ones you want, and go there.

    Trusting you to remember love and all its cousins,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    God is not interested in making it difficult for you to remember your Oneness.

    “God Loves me, and I Love God.” Simple.

    To keep that central in thought and heart changes everything.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    When you give kindness, but see no immediate reward, let your human self remember that you are giving to yourself. Let your human self not forget that what you send forth on earth always comes back to you on earth, though it may be separated by enough time that you do not see the connection. Send forth peace, be peace, for peace IS what your heart truly desires.

    On a level of Spirit, give Peace also. Your Divine Spirit Self has never forgotten that All is connected, and that when you give forth love and honor, you are doing it for the Whole Divine, of which you are a part. In the human mind, you may wish to think of this as doing your work and your good acts for God. See the God in the Other, and do it for that manifestation of God, no matter whether the other human is appreciative or not, or responsive or not, or reciprocates or not.

    You truly are all in this together. Act like it.

    Endlessly urging your Best,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Wordless, timeless, God shines through the window of you.

    Tenderly, but powerfully, God shines through the window of you.

    If you allow the window to be covered, or dusty or smeared, God will feed advice and help to assist you in the cleansing or revealing of the window, but it will never be forced upon you. Do you want to be a spotless transparency for the Love and Life and Honor of Harmony that shine?

    There is no window that cannot be cleaned or uncovered. And the same strong Light shines for and through and as all.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    There is truth in aloneness in that each individual must make the choice of timing in when to turn to Divine Instructions and accept them and live by them. But no one is out of the range of hearing those Instructions, and choosing to obey them.

    What can you do for another who seems not to hear the Voice, or even care to try to hear the Voice, or hears but deliberately disobeys?

    You can Love. You can be an example. You can make absolutely sure that the sulky behavior of another never tempts you to lower your standards. You can choose, each day, and each moment, to Love, and to obey the Love that Guides you, and to honor the Love that waits in each heart to Guide them all.

    You can do this. Obeying God leads to satisfaction.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    The healed healer can do wonders.

    On any day that you have forgotten that, step back into the prayer closet, the centering space, the meditative quiet and communion with the Source of All Calm Love, and recharge and renew yourself.

    Then , when you can truly be a cheerful giver of Love, go forth.

    Although it is fine to give of time and money and goods, the real meaning of “God loves a cheerful giver” is that God Loves all who let God’s Love shine through them in purity and totality.

    And, of course, God Loves all, even those who are cloudy for the day and not letting It shine through. And, time and money and goods are also expressions of the energy of Love. But the purest way to give is pure Love Itself, and knowing that giving It will bring forth all the other elements of Its manifestation, as necessary and good and generous.

    Enter that golden space in quiet, and come not forth until you are filled with Love,

    We are filled with Love for you, Beloved.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    It is God that does the Work. It is God that demonstrates Goodness if you let It.

    Get that through your head, and work on believing, and releasing to, the acceptance of a Goodness that Governs all, and wants to free you from any illusions that would try to cast a dusty glamour over the Truth.

    God does the Work. That can be very relaxing to know, once you let go of small thoughts.

    Let yourself be Governed by Good, and rejoice,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Do you remember when you stayed up all the night, asking the Divine Source what Its purpose was? God held you and held you, wrapping and over-wrapping you in waves of Love, and then merrily answered “To ever expand Love.”

    You are within that purpose, Child. You reflect and are a reflection of and extension of that purpose, as are all when they remember it. Be not afraid to be that, and let waves of Love also shine merrily from you. God will know when you have done your part. God will know when all have done their parts, and then there will be darkness no more.

    Always remember, the end of the story is happy,

    “I am a willing, happy, healthy giver of Light.”


  • Ah, Beloved,

    The Best of what you want to be yourself, wish that for others.

    Try to keep your focus very simple today, and imagine yourself feeling suffused with the feeling that your wish has been fulfilled. Set aside for a moment the complex thoughts of definitions of happiness or metaphysical arguments, and just claim a simple thing that your thoughts form, such as “I want to be successful and Loving.”

    Picture really feeling, at the end of today, “I am successful and Loving.” Picture everyone you love being able to say that as well, and you looking upon them and thinking, “They are successful and Loving,” and feeling Glad.

    Be Glad now, Child, for even wishing Good for yourself and others. Be Glad now, for being Glad opens doors for the Goodness of the Source to come in. Being Glad helps wishes be fulfilled.

    Wish for Good for all, and be Glad,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    There is absolutely no reason to be afraid to talk to God, or to hear the Divine solace and advice for the human situation. God only gives, and God only gives Love.

    God is the Best Friend you do have, or can have, or will ever have. Talk to God that way. Listen to God that way. It is true that, like a good friend, God may give you advice that is not what you fantasized hearing, like about it being time to give up a certain habit, or a certain endeavor, but even if you do not take that advice right away, God will still Love you, and is still your Best Friend.

    You can count on that. Count on that, and act like you do.

    We are here to help,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Even just a few words, or an act by a stranger, or an element of nature seen minutely, can uplift one’s understanding into True Perception of the Oneness of Being. But for most individuals, the growth is layer by layer, with old perceptions falling away and the new ones formed.

    And, often, Beloved, there is some cleaning up and cleaning off of the “self” to be done as old memories and old errors come up to be washed away. Greet them fearlessly when they do, and be glad they have arisen to where they are easier to forgive and to discard. All is Well. All will be Well. All has always been Well in the non-dream state of Spirit. Keep your Soul focus on your underlying Calm Divinity, even while you cleanse and change and grow and learn. Draw strength and dedication and discipline from It.

    In either case, slow increments of understanding of Wholeness, or epiphanies of enlightenment, there must be continued work and renewal. Keep reminding yourself, and others, of the progress made. Be willing to let others share their tales of growth. Keep practicing and remembering and supporting one another in True Perception, so that you know more easily, every day, your True Identities as Good Ideas of the Divine Mind.

    Ask for Truth and Teachers and Betterment, and they come.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    “I Am”

    When you are not even sure what to affirm, or pray, or claim, but know that you want and need a fresh start to your day, or to a good view of others or yourself, or to a feeling and conviction of Harmony in your health and wealth and happiness, just re-Source into the name of God.

    “I Am” “I Am” “I Am”

    The naming of God is the naming of the true form of Its image, and you are that image of Soul, dear Love. Say and know unto yourself the name, and as your hour of awakening, and your day, and your life, progress, the various qualities and aspects and experiences that will complete your sentence of “I Am _______________” will come to your thought.

    All is Spiritual substance, and held together by Love. The energy of you that seems so solid is mostly just space, with bits of Light held together by Love. Re-order them by claiming and knowing, “I Am”, for what God-Light is, you are.

    As ever with you, and will always be,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    All doors of perception are open to you now. Here and now.

    Ask to be amazed. Ask to feel your full Power of being part of Oneness, and even today you will have glimpses of the full Reality that Joyfully exists beneath the dusty shimmer that seems to be the earth of God’s Creation.

    All is Spirit. The Joyous Love that is Its gift to you will help you see that today.

    Let those that only want to see the mortal surface do so. Their time for Spiritual Seeing will come, We assure you. Allow yourself to receive all that God wants to give you.

    Receive all that God wants to give you. Ask to be shown the vibration of your heart, like unto tuning to the right channel to get clear, clear, clear reception of the true adventure of Life.

    This is important now. As it has always been for your Joy.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Your Inner Guidance of the Source Loves you without measure. There can be a tendency to think of It as a Loving, but judgmental, guide. It only Loves and guides. If It chides, it is only as correction, as a doting Mother would guide a child while training him how to put on his clothing aright.

    Do you not want to know if you are putting your pants on backwards? Trust in the Love of the Inner Guide from God, Beloved, and think of It not just as guide, but as very best friend to you.

    Loving you, not the costume,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Just like choosing what to have for breakfast, choosing to slip into the mindset of Infinite Love, holding and surrounding and being your thoughts like water holds a fish, is a decision you make each day.

    Choose to feel Love, Beloved. Step back from the random and earthly thinking, and consciously choose to feel and think Love. Nothing else really matters. Nothing else is as real and unchanging and wonderful. Control your thinking to absorb the Thinking of Love.

    When anything seems to create nervousness or over-excitement, it is actually not so difficult to drop into a self-trained habit of saying in your mind “I choose Love. I choose the calm of Love.” And let the wave of that Love settle over you like a cleansing and refreshing and warm cascade of lovely water.

    Choose the Thoughts of Love, today, dear. Choose Love,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    The greatest capacity for leadership comes from those who realize that all their support will come from the unseen realms. The unseen Life Force may act through those whom you know, or those whom you have never met, to support your path and your leadership, but it is to the unseen Source that every leader must turn first and only. To turn for support to the very people one is trying to teach and lead not only undermines the ability to lead, it also teaches the wrong thing.

    Teach reliance on the Divine Oneness and you are teaching the Highest Good.

  • Ah, Beloved,

    Every time you let yourself simply rest into the supportive Love that is All, you are feeding yourself and others in ways that you cannot even imagine. Just as one person beginning to clap in an auditorium can begin the appropriate, appreciative clapping from all, so can one person relaxing superbly into Divine Silence, hold the door open for the restful Silence for all.

    Feed the Heart with Silence,

    We love you,


  • Ah, Beloved One,

    The Joy of solitude is that you find out you are never alone.

    I Am with you.

    Spend time humanly alone, and welcome the awareness of My Presence, and you will truly find that you are never alone. I Am with you. Wherever you are, whenever you are, I Am with you.

    Spend some time alone today, so that you can deeply feel the Truth of this.

    You are never alone. I Am with you.

    And Loving you,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    God’s Grace hovers about you always, just waiting to be accepted.

    Please welcome It, dear one. Please welcome It.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    There is a stage of understanding, wherein you gain the trust of another by sharing their wounds, by telling of your own. There is a place of such identification with the physical world and the physical body that trust can only be gained by listening, for a time, to the complaints about the body and the world.

    But listen silently, without listening. Let your own ear be utterly tuned to the Truth of the Creator, that nothing is impossible for the Creator, and that the Creator only creates Good. If a play, a projection, is painted from light, it can be changed dramatically and quickly by asking the focuser of the light to make the changes. Have mercy on, and sympathy for, those who are so intent on looking at the play of light that they have forgotten that it is being projected from elsewhere, and can be focused from Elsewhere, but let yourself, as assistant to the Light, remember it ALWAYS.

    And, do so with love,

    All our very best, always,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    There is no knowing of God without thinking of God. There is no benefiting from the Love of God without turning to God, even if that willingness is at first just a tiny moment. If you give God that tiny moment, God will then run to you and offer and offer and offer. It remains to you to accept, accept, accept.

    “High Guidance of the Light, fill me with the ability to remember I am all Spirit, and pull me completely into the Sweet Dream of God.”

    We Love you so,


  • Ah, Beloved, Beloved, Beloved,

    There is no limit to God’s Love for you as a part of Its own reflection.

    There is nothing you can dream you are doing that can negate that Love.

    Oh, We know that many find solace in, or defiance in, their sins and errors and rage, but We remind you that nothing in the worldly temporal dream has any power at all in the Pure, Pure Mind of the Creator. Blow away the smoke of the dream and the drama. Shake off the effects of the lingering images of the illusion, and Know that your purpose is to Know God Qualities, and to reflect them. We know that the human ego will try to translate that purpose into human titles or accomplishments or actions or accolades. But really, all that matters is that you understand how God’s Love shines and that you shine with It, no matter what else you are doing or not doing.

    Just shine.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Remember, above all, that it is only ideas that need to be healed, not persons, places, or things.

    What a beloved and perfect Idea you are, right now, in the sweet Loving Mind of God.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Let there be a certainty in your heart that you have given the Divine a chance, each day, to tell you what It wishes of you that day.

    It will ALWAYS wish that you would Love It and let yourself be Loved and express that Love to others, but if there are also actions to take, words to say, inspirations to hear, you need to give It a chance to speak. You need to listen.

    Listen today, O’ dear Love. Listen today.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Your job is to know and understand God, and God gladly helps you do that. Put nothing else first.

    Yes, some tasks of living need to be done today, but even while you do them, think about the Qualities of God. This is important for you now.

    We will help.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    All things and people can come to have a new meaning and appearance to you, if you accept the NEW Sight that Divine Perception offers you, just as being handed golden lensed or rose colored glasses changes how things appear.

    But, when handed the Sight of Truth, and willingly donned, you SEE the Truth of all as Spirit, with Spirit’s Worth and form and Joy and purpose, rather than just a gloss of new color.

    Let that Inner Sight guide you today. Beloved. Be WILLING to see all anew.

    ANGELS, with utter Love.

  • Ah, Beloved,

    Remember, as you pray “not my will, but Thy Will is done”, that the One Will always Blesses all. Therefore, you must take off the human blinkers of narrow and time-bound sight, and trust to that One Will when evaluating whether what is occurring is “going my way”. And, you must remember that just as a human parent must sometimes quickly and very strongly grab the hand of a toddler who is about to step into traffic, so must the divine sometimes delay your human steps in order to give you the smoother pathway.

    Let today be about that trust, Beloved. “What adjustments need to happen, dear God, for the Harmonious Blessing of all?”

    Be open and believing in the utter Goodness of God and Its Will for your thriving Truth.

    Such Love no words cover it,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Remember that the illusion will always try to distract you with emotional or physical or financial and supply concerns. As ever, deal with that by keeping your mind and heart on God, and on the fact that God Loves you so very much that in any moment that you open yourself to the outpouring of that Love, It will flood you, and supply you with all manner of human needs.

    Turn to truth, turn to truth, turn to truth, and the knowledge that God wants your happiness so that you can be full of comforting Joy, and be able to give Joy to others.

    “Dear God, I accept what you give me. What would you have me do for You?”


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Rest in the Truth today. You are a part of the Body of the Child of God, the reflection of all of Its Qualities.

    Rest in that. I am a part of the Truth. Do not try to even intellectually understand it. Just claim It.

    It IS the Truth, ANGELS

  • Ah, Beloved,

    “Shower us with your De-Sires, Dear God. Wash away, rinse away, our own small, human, false desires, and replace them with Your Desires. For Your Desires, being of you, Whose work is already done, are already accomplished, and already known to be Good, right now. You are already in control, and we are already Your perfect ideas, surrounded by all the perfect ideas we need. Open the eyes and ears of our Hearts to see and know and feel this, Dear God, Dear God, Dear God.

    Give us the Calmness and Trust and Joy that we need to know the immediate and timely action of the enactment of what You know us to be.”

    Amen, amen, amen,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Once you have entered the state of spiritual awareness that disregards the natural, in order to better “see” with the eyes of the Divine, many of your opinions will change, just as a color blind man gaining full sight would have to change how he understood and described colors, after he was healed. Therefore, be aware of the opinions that you state from habit, and hold quietly and dearly to your words, that you may have a chance to examine what you are about to speak forth, and see it with your spiritual discernment, and decide if you really still know it to be true. Many of the things that you fully believed, or fully disbelieved, before, will have changed in your new found Sight.

    Be humble enough to be truthful with your self, Beloved. Be not too proud to say to those who think they knew, or know, what you believe, that you see things and people and Spirit differently now, for it is the Truth that sets you free. Once you have seen through the illusion of the limited senses about one thing, you will begin to see through it on everything, and then many old assumptions must, and will, fall away.

    The view is marvelous when the deadwood is cleared,


  • We use the name “Angels” because it approximates the understanding and concept that many people hold of what We are. We are the fine Thoughts of God, moving around within the misty error-dream of human perception, adjusting and revealing and helping to show the wondrous ideas of God that are all real men and real women and elements of Life.

    Within each is an archangel, ready to be perceived and appreciated and to Love and Be Love and be Beloved.

    Show forth the Angel of your Self today, and look for the Angels of others.

    Look, Look, Look, dear one, with expectation of the Divine, and you will See.

  • Ah, Beloved,

    Let EVERY day be the day of new growth of Soul awareness in you.

    “Dear God, Help me know and see and experience Your Good Dream for me.”

    “I let my own small dreams fall away, that I may be fully available to be the Good that You know me to be capable of.”

    To surrender to God is to surrender to Good and to Joy, dear heart. If you deeply accept the tenet that God is Good, then new Divine dreams can begin to open up for you.

    You are projected forth from the Good heart of God. Accept It, Beloved.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    When there is a worldly task you must do, (such as your tax return, darling), do it Glad.

    Do not do it sad, do not do it mad, do it Glad. For in Gladness I am with you.

    Call to Me to help, and call to the human gladness you will feel when the task is done. Focus on the gladness of knowing seven plus seven ALWAYS equals fourteen, and that the lines make it clear where the numbers should go. Be glad of the truth that mathematics works the same for everyone and that you know the way it works and you have all the papers and inks and instructions you need to do the task. Being Glad takes you into timelessness and there I Am, with you, helping you and guiding you with Calmness, with Joy, and joining you completely.

    And then, darling one, we can even have worldly fun. Be Divinely Glad, and have fine fun as you dip into the tasks that are part of the world of time.

    We will laugh with you today,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    No human prescription is as easy as this:

    Get quiet and still, and meditate upon the delightful Qualities of God. All of them are delightful. Do not believe that God is anything but Loving.

    Mediate upon the Qualities. Let thoughts of them float up in your quiet mind, and when one seems to particularly glow to you, ponder how you as an individual reflect that Quality, and how you could demonstrate It even more.

    Delight in yourself as an able reflection of that wondrous aspect of Creation. Delight in God, and delight in yourself, and see how much better you feel.

    Truth heals and reveals when you let It; when you ponder It,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    You do not have to buy Me. You do not have to sell Me.

    I am simply yours, gifted by the Grace of God. I dwell right in your heart of awareness, and that is why I can come so quickly when you call to Me, and are willing to let Me guide you.

    There I Am, quietly waiting for you to be willing to let us seek your best earthly dream together, fully aware that your best dream is also the best for all those in your dream.

    Call to Me often today, Beloved, and let us dream together, in a closeness that is closer than any human relationship, and freely given to you by the Divine Creation within which you dwell.

    So Lovingly,


  • Ah, Child,

    Let there be no time wasted in regrets.

    If remorse exists for what was done, or not done, hold it in Love. Apologize, make amends, forgive and allow to be forgiven, and begin to live again in Now.

    There is only one line of Life and energy coming into you. You can allow that line to flow freely and give you peace and joy and inspiration, or you can block it by sneering at the Truth or wallowing in old pain and error. As you grow in discernment, you will become very sensitive to which thoughts put a squeeze on that line of incoming Life. You will grow astute at pausing before each word or action, to make sure it is in harmony with the life energy you want to have flowing to you.

    Become your own monitor, Beloved. Become a self-graded test, to see if you are thinking and behaving in a way that is perfectly aligned with the Flow of Divine Life. Is there really any other worthy goal or purpose?


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Where there is God’s Will, there is always a way.

    Where there is only human will and temptational seeking, there may seem to be a way for a while, but it will not last. That is why all desires that arise in your heart must be aligned with a feeling of Calm guidance and support from your Divine connection.

    When your will is aligned with the Grand Will for your happiness and purpose, then, indeed all things are possible. God wants your Gladness of Soul. Now and always.



  • Ah, Beloved,

    There is power in the name of God.

    Speaking and thinking and feeling “I AM Love” will help you.

    Repeat it in your mind when the evidence of the senses tries to tempt you with confusion or pain, or to a habit you want to abandon. Speak it when you need to feel more compassion for another person or for yourself. Hold it in your heart when you want to remember that you, too, have the power to pray for others to be released from sorrow or danger or disability.

    I Am Love will pull the cloak of Love close around you. I Am Love will draw It forth from your heart. I Am Love is the Truth that sets you, and all, free from the illusions of being anything except Complete, Wonderful, Delicious, Peaceful Love.

    Try it today. Prove it to yourself.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    The fullness of Spirit that you feel as you transcribe these words IS conveyed. For although no single human mind interprets any word symbol in exactly the same way, the willingness to hear God Mind directly, is conveyed by the simple act of reading them. Thus does each mortal part open and awaken to the Loving One Mind.

    And thus does the Loving One Mind begin to do Its work, Its uplifting, throughout that person and consciousness. One Mind Governs all, as they swiftly or slowly realize that opening to Good, thinking about Good, and being thankful for Good creates Good in their experience.

    Endlessly. And it IS a way of Life one can train oneself to do. Just begin, and the word of Good you entertain and ponder will begin to work Its way with you like yeast in a savory and sweet and perfect dough.

    The seemingly grumpiest, the saddest, the most wicked, the least educated, the most stubborn, the completely oblivious, and on and on through the list of human labels,–all can be risen to remembering their wonderfulness as a part of One.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Remind yourself constantly that everyone you meet is in the Loving Mind of God, Who is gently guiding them to grow to remember the Self they are as the image and likeness of God.

    God is guiding you, too. You can help the Whole picture focus more clearly by doing your best, with God’s Help, to see through the body form and human behavior of each one, and knowing them to be part of Good, as you are.

    Why do We say this to you so often? We remind you because you need to do it every day. Each day, the seemingly outer input tries to convince you that all you can do is react to it. But We assure you that you can choose to live from Love and Good Intention, and to decide to See the Good Soul of God right now, quietly emerging from everyone you meet.

    Shed the chrysalis, see it falling away from others, and Be Glad


  • Ah, Beloved,

    To see a legitimate need, and to lovingly and creatively fulfill it, is to Be Divine.

    To give and offer whatever your skills and means and fellowship can provide is to be a part of the wonderful Plan for the re-uniting of human awareness with the High Consciousness that Holds All.

    That is all. That is enough. You will be led to do the kind and decent and uplifting things. Just listen and obey when you feel the surges of Compassion and Love fill you, and you will be enacting your perfect part.

    We assure you it is appreciated,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    The Life Force that surrounds you, sustains you, supports you, and knows you, as a spiritual reflection of Itself, holds you very, very dear. Although It will allow you to play with notions of “self”, as a mother would allow a child to play dress-up, It will not allow you to exit the usefulness of the Play if it is not time for you to do so.

    Welcome Its protection, Love. Welcome Its Wisdom. Trust in all things for the Good, and let your awareness always be on the non-physical Reality that underlies anything you might imagine. It is Supportive, Loving, Gracious, and ever-displaying a Beauty of Creation that no “high-definition film” could ever capture.

    We are with you,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    There is no urgency to choices that make you uneasy. If a situation or a decision or a view of something or someone makes you at all uneasy, there is always time for prayer.

    There is always enough time to quietly turn to the Divine Eye and Voice within and whisper “Help.” Help is there. Get quiet and still and allow God to help you understand the moment from the point of view of Love and Light.

    God is always there and God is Glad to do so, and to do so with complete Love for you and complete Love for everyone involved.

    Choose to look with and listen to Love, and then make your choices, or change your perceptions, and all will feel Harmonious again.

    There is always time for the Truth of Love. Even if it seems like a split second decision in earthly terms, there is time to turn your thoughts to Love for safety, for support, for strength, for advice, for wisdom, for Life.

    As We See it,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    The willingness to give up old beliefs/thoughts is key to letting the true nature and state of your innocent, and pure, and good Being, as a Spirit-Child, shine forth in the earthly mirror. Be willing to see yourself, and those around you, in at least neutral terms, for by judging not, you leave room for the Creator to fill your mind with His/Her Thoughts, which are of your Goodness and Wholeness and Perfect Purpose and Beauty. You are freed to know yourself as, and see others through, the eyes of God, which are the eyes of Love.

    Be not afraid, little Ones, to let go of what you thought was true, for in letting go, you give room for the Truth, and you can be free to feel the fullness of Joy. Each time you are tempted to judge a situation or another person, think of how many times you yourself have been mis-judged because the one doing the judging did not see the whole picture of what was occurring. If you just always ASSUME you do not know all the facts, then you can turn to the Divine Voice and Eye, and ask It to show you the Truth of the situation.

    And the Truth that It will show you is that all are the equally Beloved Children of God, and urge you to help set those Spirits free in your mind. Let your mind thoughts be Good God Thoughts, and let your heart be filled with the Joy they bring.

    Would you be free to feel Joy this day?


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Asking for a complete healing of the Soul self may result in changes you are not even aware are needed. Old wounds of the body that left a scar may smooth over. Old memories of unforgiven slights will likely come to mind to be tenderly forgiven with mature eyes. Childhood expectations can finally be released as outgrown perceptions.

    And so forth.

    When you petition the Divine for healing, Infinite Spirit looks at ALL that needs adjusting and cleansing and Loving. Ask for Help with one thing, but be not surprised at Healing of all.

    And do so with humble and grateful delight.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Be still, and listen. Be still and remember and realize that the Inner Partner Voice is right there to guide you, if you can stop, and be quiet, and listen.

    When the emotions of restlessness or irritation or anger, or a feeling of fatigue or pointlessness alert you to feeling out of Harmony, stop and listen. Listen as carefully as you would to the whispers of a fellow soldier who had made his way successfully through a minefield on his knees, and now is trying to guide you through with hints about when to stop, and when to go right or left or straight ahead. Listen carefully, Beloved. Listen carefully, and move forward only when you are told, and obey the Inner Prompting for direction of movement, and you will find yourself happy while you trust that Voice during the crossing, and happy also when the minefield has been finally navigated.

    It is a minefield of misinformation in the world, Beloved.

    Listen and obey the Divine Voice alone,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    If you want to know the freshness and wholeness of yourself, look upon yourself and others with the eyes of Love, the eyes of God.

    This does not mean you will not notice the errors you make, or the flaws that seem to be part of those around you, but if you refrain from criticizing and condemning, and instead think and claim “Here and there is another child of God, just waiting to be seen under the illusion of fear and competition. For God Loves all.”

    It is the Truth and it will change your experiences, if you take it on as a habit. Try it today, dear one.

    We will help, as always,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    How very readily and easily God Loves you. How completely and continually God Loves you. We assure you this is true.

    The thing that confuses you or makes you doubt this is the definition of “you”. If you think of yourself as a body—a thought-costume, ephemeral and varying, with its associated pleasures and pains and whims and errors and triumphs, then of course you would wonder whether you are always Lovable.

    But, Love, a body is not what YOU really are. It is just a temporal dream, a time-space experience, that can be amended and can improve and grow in Grace. What God Sees is the wondrous and good idea of You that is one of the lovely ideas in the Great Mind that is God. And that is ALL God Sees, and so, Loves.

    But God did recognize that you mistakenly created a fitful dream with your power of thought-creation, and sent ambassadors into the dream to help you awaken gently and completely, so that joy can be You and yours again. O”, dear Child of Spirit, let God’s thoughts of what you are be what you know yourself to be, rather than that limited dream of being a body. Know yourself as an extension of Love and Intelligence and Spirit. Ask the Ambassador Voice, Divinely Loving You in your heart, what you are.

    Expand your definition of yourself, and you will realize that as you exhibit the delightful Qualities of God, that you are made up of, you will feel, and be, supremely lovable.

    The very essence of You IS Love. That is the Truth that can guide you like a camper’s lamp.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Regret not the time you spent swamped in materialism, either pursuing its lovelies, or trying to fix its woes. Be glad for what felt good to your material senses, and appreciative of the wisdom you accrued from the challenges. But let go of it all as you let go a night dream when you awaken to a new day, and let the heartbeat of Soul fill you and remind you that you are not a body playing the material carnival game. You are Spirit, expressing the Spirit that is the God-Force, above, below, to the sides, and forward and behind.

    You are Spirit expressing Spirit, and as the bodily things become just an automatic functioning, you can focus on allowing the Truth that the Desires of God are your real Desires.

    De-sire. From the Sire, from the Source. From the Mother-Father Mind that Thought you up, you grow and thrive in the Divine family of Mind in which you were born, and in which you remain. The family business and Desire is expressing and expanding Love, and when you accept that fully, it is easy to grow and thrive in Brightness.

    Shine with Divine Brightness, and those that are ready will see it. Shine with Brightness and all old shadows and diversions of your limited self will scuttle away.

    No need for delay, Beloved. Spirit is always ready to awaken you, from temporal dream, and naps that you may fall into along the way.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Lack is not a Quality of the Divine Truth.

    Plenty of Love. Plenty of Ideas. Plenty of Inspiration. Plenty of Gratitude. Plenty of Appreciation. Plenty of Opportunities.

    Think Plenty today, Beloved, and when others behave meanly or desperately, look past the human errors of them, and see the Truth of the Shining Soul. See That in them, and calmness will reign as you desire Harmony for All.



  • Ah, Beloved,

    There is no human joy that is received that was not first sent forth.

    If you feel like you are not receiving joy and a complete sense of well being, ask yourself when you last sent joy forth. Ask yourself when was the last time you took time (it takes but a moment!) to ask the Divine Source to fill you with joy so that you could have plenty to send forth.

    Be very aware of what you want to receive, and send ONLY that forth.

    We send you only Love, for we want only the Truth of Love,


  • Ah, Beloveds,

    Many say to us that they have trouble emptying their busy-busy minds enough to hear that small, still Voice of the Divine Guidance.

    To those, we say, remember that reading aloud to yourself very slowly from a favorite old story or fairy tale, or from the scripture you were raised with, or from a treasured poem or the words to a beloved song, will serve the purpose of slowing the thought circles enough to allow the Inner Truth to speak to you. You may find yourself reading the same sentence over and over again, or find that one particular word, or parts of several words, seem to form a new pattern to your understanding, or that they set off an inspiring train of thought.

    Those shifts are the High Guidance of the Light reaching out to speak to you, with special messages for your uniqueness. Savor them, and know that if they feel filled with calm and peace, they are truly of the Light, and of the Goodness that carries All. Welcome those lovely patterns and revelations, and let every joyous thought carry you to the Joy of the Truths that are God, and are you, and are All.

    The Truth is all around you, waiting to fill you,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    In every day, there are moments where your words or actions might easily be influenced by wanting to please the people around you, or have their human approval.

    In those moments, Beloved, just always make sure you pause and ask the Divine Voice within what God wants you to do. And if you feel that you cannot hear the guidance, ask yourself, “Is this the most Loving thing to say or do?”

    And feel confident that all the contemplating and pondering and prayer you have done will bring to mind and heart the right answer.

    Completely and always with you,

    We Love you,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Where there is an anointing of the overt Presence of the Divine Healing Force, it is meant to be shared. If you do not share it, and give the Divine the Glory for the results, it is lost again.

    Be very aware of this now, Love, for as the Force flows through one as inspiration or healing or wisdom or comfort for another, great Joy is felt in all the unseen Universe. Let that Joy be a part of what you feel as you give whatever is yours to give, and do not worry about credit or coin for the small self—that will come as a part of the greater Will.

    Be at Peace, and give and give and give, with love and love and love.

    As we give our Love to you, endlessly,


  • Ah, Beloveds,

    Be grateful to the Good Mind that holds you. It created you by Imagining you, and you are beloved and complete and true in Its immortal Realm.

    Be grateful to It. Love It and BE Loved in return.



  • Ah, Beloved,

    When have you ever “talked” someone into changing a personality trait?

    Yes, you can remind the person that the Source made the true soul of him good and perfect and honorable, in your understanding. But then you must leave it all up to the True Source and keep affirming for yourself that you WANT to see the person healed, and be willing to forgive the past. Are YOU willing to do that?


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Be pleased with what you hear and see, if you take a day to speak easy. Let the easy speech be no speech at all, only answering with a smile, to yourself, and to all others, when you receive the inner whisper of God’s call.

    Silence Golden, that is all,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    “Dear Loving Source, please shine away

    anything of me and my life that is not a part of your Good Way.

    Dear Loving Guidance, let me see,

    what You would have me say, and do, and be.”

    And, Love yourself as you ask this, and let the answers come,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Let no doubts assail you. The more you ponder the Qualities of the Infinite, the more you will realize that there is nothing that God’s harmony cannot solve, or dissipate, or smooth over.

    Do not spend any time pondering the “problems” you think you have in the earthly. Count your blessings, be grateful, and ponder the Infinite range and abilities of the Great Source to shine where and as It will. Welcome It.

    Be the gracious hostess or host to the Infinite Presence,

    And be Glad,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    UTTER TRUST IN THE Governance of One Mind is often hampered by the doubt that God is All Good. Spend the day pondering, and believing in, God’s Goodness, and you will begin to understand that that Goodness expresses Itself as you, and as your life, as reflections of what you are as a thought in that Loving, Loving, Loving Mind.

    The reflecting pool that is the earth seeming will reflect that Goodness, if you become still, still, still, and let the reflection be true and smooth.

    The stillness is up to you.

    Always seeing the Good that surrounds you,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Remember, when you ask to see your own wholeness, and that of others, in healing of body or relationship or circumstance, you must do so from and in the Deep Divine Love of Soul.

    Your personal human like or dislike of the person, or of yourself, is irrelevant. Your squeamish or regretful feelings about your own mistakes or ignorance in choice must be set aside. To heal, See as God Sees. See the True Inner Glory of Good in yourself and others, for you are aiming to see the Whole and Harmonious, and not the illusion of errors.

    Rise above the human feelings, for good or ill, for yourself and others, and Heal.

    You can do this,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    There is no need to fret about whether something is possible or isn”t possible for God/All that Is.

    It is calmly and happily ridiculous to even think so, if you take a moment to ponder “All That Is”, for that phrase truly means “All That Really Is”. Nothing that human thought has made up in its made up game can possible out-power the Only Power.

    Trust in that, we say again, Beloved. Trust in the All-Powerful to truly mend that which your own human heart thinks cannot be mended, or attended to, or foretold. All is already told and re-told in the Life Extension of the Divine, and that you will understand, when you, for moments now and then, and at the end, step outside of time.

    As ever, loving you,


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Patience, patience, patience, Child of Love, while you wait on the Will of God to be visible. God does not send or want extra human suffering, but does choose the best timing and way for your complete Spiritual Upliftment, intertwined with the Best Way for all.

    Trust in the Complete Goodness of God, and have patience with the Unseen Omnipotent Ways.

    God Loves you Completely. Love Completely in return.


  • Ah, Beloved,

    Be not confused. When you are seeking healing, wholeness, for yourself or for another, it is your THOUGHT of yourself, and your THOUGHT of the other that you are correcting.

    The simpleness of your understanding and claiming, by your rightful dominion as an emanation of the Source, is that you already ARE a perfect expression of the Life, Love, Fullness of Soul and Calm Purpose, Orderliness, and Joy of that Infinite Wellness of Being. To know your immediate perfection, and the true and “right now” perfection of the other person, as expressions of the Divine undying Spirit, is to heal your thoughts of yourself, and of the other. Those healed thoughts are then expressed as what you seem to see and experience.

    Endlessly correct your thought, and your course through life, by listening for the Simple Truth within, constantly expressed by the Inner Loving Voice, so that you thoughts are the Source Thoughts, and no lies of human error intrude. No lie of time can affect the Truth of each of the emanations of the Source.

    Abundantly, we love you,


  • Ah, Dear One,

    As ever, find it in your heart to share your testimonies with others. Each story of faith felt, used, and answered will inspire others to believe that they, too, can call upon, and use, and be guided and comforted by, the Presence and Voice of the Source in their daily lives.

    Just as you felt overwhelmed by worry and anger in that moment at the market, and asked for the Divine Consciousness for Help, and suddenly felt everything slow down, so that you were able to see the incredible beauty of each snowflake landing on your glove, and to feel the ineffable Peace of your Spiritual Existence, and to KNOW that nothing of this earth was more than a passing of the briefest of moments, and not worth feeling pain about, so do others at times need to remember that they may be comforted.

    The Divine Essence that holds all ideas, all Beings in Its Heart/Mind never runs out of comfort and Love, any more than a mathematician runs out of the numbers he needs to work his craft. Turn to that Divine Essence of Peace always and first and foremost, and encourage, by your testimonies, others to turn to It also, knowing it is truly and Endless Well of Well-Being.

    Let It reign,